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 Minnesota State Building Code, Year in review
Course overview: 7 hours of Contractor Continuing education is provided with focus on several key areas shown to be of particular interest over the last 12 months. Administration, building planning, wall construction and envelope protection will be of particular focus. Participation is strongly encouraged to learn from shared experiences and determine successful solutions. Training material will include a minimum of 1 hour focused on MN Rules Chapter 1322, Residential Energy Code as required by State Statute for MN Licensed Contractors.
Start 8:00 am
A) Minnesota State Building Code- Make up and Use             45 minutes
1-MN Rules 1300; Administration overview. Permits, plans and plan review.
2-MN Rules 1303 MN Provisions
a) MN is special, how and why. Snow and frost.
b) Residential requirements including passive and active radon systems.
B) Chapter 3 Building Planning                       45 minutes
1- Design criteria, applications and limitations.
2- Room areas, occupant comfort. Minimum requirements.
3- Safety Glazing, where and how.
4-Egress/ Emergency escape and rescue. Possible pitfalls.
5-Alarms and notifications. Technology and code requirements.
Break         15 minutes
C) Wood wall framing             30 minutes
1- Dimensional lumber limitations and code references (table explanations).
2- Fastening, header, and bearing.
3- TDD. Critical information and potential problems.
4- Post frame homes. Prescriptive or performance?
D) Wall Bracing           45 Minutes      
1-Definitions and options.
2- Methods and materials.
3- Plans and submittal options.
Lunch        60 minutes
E) Water resistive barriers, exterior wall requirements             60 minutes
1- Housewraps, WRB, required approvals
2- Windows and Doors, other penetrations.
3- Flexible flashing materials and methods. Penetration by penetration
4-window and door installation requirements
F) 1322 MN Energy Code                    60 minutes
1- Envelope requirements, R-values and locations.
2- Interior air barrier and vapor barrier requirements. What to do with envelope penetrations.
3- Attics, R-value and ventilation.
G) Roofing and siding. Attachments and Code criteria.                       45 minutes
Break        15 minutes
H) Residential plumbing, basics for the general contractor                  45 minutes
1- DWV, 2015 MN State Plumbing Code
2- Water piping, sizing, protection and insulation
I) Residential HVAC, basics for the general contractor                                    45 minutes
1- Appliances and venting
2- Ventilation air, equipment sizing and distribution
Adjourn 4:30 pm